The Benefits of a Pond or Lake Aerator

Water needs oxygen to support life. However, stagnant water can quickly become oxygen depleted. As a result, homeowners with ponds or lakes on their properties typically install aerators that oxygenate the water. Suppliers who sell the devices make it easy for anyone to find the right aerator. Once installed, the equipment creates an elegant display as it sprays water into the air.

The Idea Behind Aeration

Lake and pond aerators might be submerged or sit on water’s surface. Homeowners can buy kits of all sizes and capacities. Some owners install several aerators on large lakes. Most equipment is electric and includes cable owners can plug into their home outlets. There are also solar-powered aerators. Once units are up and running, they pull water up and spray it high into the air, a process that circulates water, introduces oxygen, and releases contaminants.

Aeration Creates Healthier Water

An aerator improves water in several ways. It increases the oxygen that is vital for plants and fish to thrive. Increased oxygen speeds the decomposition of organic matter. Circulating water breaks up the thermal layers in water, which creates a temperature that is friendly to various life forms. Aeration improves water’s pH balance and helps to release noxious gases that can form in sediment. In fact, aerating water improves water quality so much that many homeowners are able to reduce the cost of lake and pond treatments.

Residential Aerators Create Beautiful Effects

Although aeration is primarily designed to keep water healthy, it produces a wonderful side bonus. As aerators send spray high into the air, they essentially become elegant fountains. The eye-catching spray is lovely all by itself, but many homeowners enhance it further. Suppliers who sell aerators offer light kits that customers can add to create dazzling night displays. There are also systems sold specifically as decorative pond fountains. They also aerate but often include features that allow owners to create decorative patterns.

Homeowners install lake or pond aerators to keep water healthy. Aeration introduces oxygen that allows many types of water life to thrive. An aerator also creates a beautiful effect that many homeowners augment by adding lights they display at night.

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