Top 3 Types of Mattresses for That Serene Sleep

Good night sleep is vital in contributing to the overall productivity of every individual. Unfamiliar to most, the type of bed being used plays a crucial role in determining the kind of sleep one gets. Although most people tend to go for the most expensive mattress in the market, this does not guarantee the quality. This article is a review of the top 3 commonly used mattresses and their pros and cons, to give every user the good night sleep they deserve.

Memory Foam Mattress

This type of mattress is a popular choice for many people. A reason behind this is their comfort factor. Internet reviews from both satisfied and unsatisfied customers are based on the comparison of different kinds of foam-infused mattresses. The advantage with foam mattresses is that they conform to the weight of the body and reduces pressure on the spine. The material used to make the mattress is hypoallergenic ideal for allergy sensitive people. The cons include the weight of the mattress since it is quite dense and they are also known to retain heat.

Innerspring Mattresses

It is known as the oldest type of mattress present in the market today since the 1930s. Advancements in technology have since improved on the material quality of such beds however it is less popular compared to the foam type. The advantage surrounding innerspring mattresses is that they are readily available and an affordable option. Due to its low foam content, it provides a more cooling sleeping surface. The cons are: The mattress has a shorter life span since it is less dense, and has a poor contour ability and no pressure point relief.

Natural Latex Mattresses

A less favorable brand compared to foam and innerspring mattress, the natural latex is however rated highly compared to synthetic latex. The natural latex is obtained from rubber trees, while synthetic latex is derived from a chemical process. Natural latex mattresses offer extreme comfort ability and promote pain relief. The mattress also has a natural resistance to dust mites and moulds. A typical con is that the mattress is costly compared to foam or spring coil kinds. It is also heavier compared to the average type of mattress.

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